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shinycaterpie asked:

Oh gosh, I just can't get over how adorable your drawings of Demonio are! And you like Earthbound which is awesome, aha~

Oh my! Thank you very much! I’m so glad you like my Demonios and Earthbounds! Oh my gosh I feel so encouraged now, thank you! 

I’m sorry if this reply is late. I’ve been busy in school lately and I haven’t been pleased with my lack of productivity as far as drawings go. However, your message really reassured me, and I must thank you… again! c: <3 


Grown up Bjorn and Rococo. 

These two spent most of their teenage relationship talking on skype, or through phone calls. They became really good friends after a friendly between Qatar and Cotarl, and ever since then, they’ve been close.

It takes a few more years for Bjorn to show up at Rococo’s house and ask him to travel with him. At this point, they are adults, and they travel around the world, since they both have a good fund from football, and Bjorn’s family is rich.

It takes only a few months for them to confess they love each other and decide they need to find a place to live together. It takes a few more months for them to seek asylum and get residency in France, and it takes a few more months for them to decide to get married. 

So here is a short summary of my long thought out BjornRococo headcanons. You people should ship this because it’s adorable. 

Aww. They look so handsome! And I love Bjorn’s braid!

I like to think that Bjorn and Rococo feel that there’s this special “connection” between them, but it cannot be easily described. They usually act like simple friends around everyone else, but are very intimate usually only in private.

Their relationship must be puzzling to all the others. 

who wants FFI captain roadtrip hcs?


you do don’t lie. SO Jewels and have this great roadtrip story that was based off an RP and it’s too good not to share. What happens when some adult professional football players have money? It starts with Bjorn and Rococo…

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Haha this sounds great! I’d love to hear more!

Another funny thing is, Tsuin and I have an RP-ish thing going where all of the teams are stuck on Liocott and are forced to stay together. And Bjorn and Rococo did travel the desert in a caravan too! cx

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