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Paula had once told me about the holiday that exists in western countries known as ‘Easter’. Most of what I can remember is that it is a celebration of fertility, and it’s most famous symbols are rabbits and eggs. 

We could not find any eggs here in Dalaam, but Jeff and I took our sons to the Pink Cloud Sanctuary in hopes to visit the rabbits there. 

We were in luck! Because this time of year is when new rabbits are born, so the babies played together. Here is Cronus with his new little friend.



Fideo is like awake on and off all night, they sleep with the blanket pulled over there heads. Mark and Dylan try to scare them in middle of the night and it ends with someone getting hit in the face when fideo is protecting demonio.

Mark and Dylan are just frustrated and…

AHHHH this is way too cute! Sorry for intruding, but I wanna draw a picture of all these guys sleeping now! 

Also, I get the feeling that when Demonio is in the wrong kind of mood, he might be a bit dangerous in regards to getting teased. 

And Mark and Dylan seem like the kind of people who know when two people have a chance of ending up together! cx

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